Woodland Hall Academy

Teaching students with Dyslexia, ADHD and related learning differences since 1975

WHA is Saying Goodbye to the Tallahassee Community

This June will mark the end of Woodland Hall Academy’s 43 years of service to Tallahassee and the Panhandle Area.  We are proud of what our unique school has accomplished and the part that our program has played in changing the lives of children, adults and families.

Dyslexia Research Institute will relocate to Port St. Joe, Fl. and continue with its advocacy work at the state level as well as continuing to facilitate the Florida High School/High Tech of Gulf County program.

Come Celebrate With Us and Say Goodbye

To our family, friends, students, and supporters:  we invite you to join us for a reception at Woodland Hall Academy.  Come say goodbye to our staff, reminisce about the good times when we were “much younger”, peruse old yearbooks, look at memorabilia, and visit with classmates, friends and the WHA family.

Celebration of Service Reception

May 10, 2018

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Woodland Hall Academy

5246 Centerville Road

Tallahassee, FL   32309

RSVP 850 893-2216

If you cannot attend, give us a shout out on the Woodland Hall Academy Facebook Page and let us know how Woodland Hall Academy impacted your life.

Since 1975 Woodland Hall Academy has been offering a unique learning environment for children with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders or related language and learning disorders such as Aspergers and Specific Learning/Language Disabilities. Woodland Hall Academy serves grades 1 – 12.

Hundreds of students who have been frustrated and failing in traditional schools have discovered how to learn “their way” through The Hardman Technique, a nationally recognized Multisensory Structured Language Program.  The Hardman Technique is not just an academic program but a total life approach to learning for children who learn differently in all areas of their lives: academically, socially, and emotionally.

Woodland Hall Academy is a program of the Dyslexia Research Institute.

Learning to Learn –

Their Way


Aaron struggled both academically and emotionally.  Even after attending a wonderful charter school and home school, Aaron fell further behind. He needed to be taught in a way he could understand, learn, and retain and he needed accountability. Finding Woodland Hall Academy has been incredible for both Aaron and us a a family. He works hard at home independently and has become an outstanding student, earning high grades and filling in the “gaps”.

Janis E., Parent

My grandson is 9 and … it was quite an adjustment for him to move to a much smaller class size and to receive so much personal instruction. He is thriving! I have complete confidence in the teaching staff and the administration. My grandson is learning – and re-learning how to learn. At Woodland Hall they employ many different teaching techniques and take the TIME necessary to help him to achieve mastery of the material. They move on to the next topic or skill based upon his personal readiness to go forward – not because the program or the calendar says it time move on. Most of all, the teachers and administrators take the time to explain to me what my grandson needs and why – and they do it while celebrating his unique gifts and abilities. Parent-teacher conferences were NEVER this encouraging and informative before coming here. I wholeheartedly endorse Woodland Hall and recommend it for any child who needs more than the standard education approach offered by many public schools.

Anonymous GrandparentGreatSchools.org

My son started Woodland Hall during the summer program of 2014. He could not read at all. Well, after the end of the summer program I will NEVER forget (and because I took a picture of the sign) when we were walking into Barnacle Bills (a local Tallahassee restaurant) and he said “use other door” – I always say that sign is framed in my home because those were the most beautiful words I had ever heard. Well … now it’s April and he is celebrating his 10th birthday with family and friends … as he read every birthday card we all were full of such pride and thankfulness for his ability to read. Not only being able to read, all friends and family (and we had a house full) complimented on Andrew’s maturity and behavior. Woodland Hall has turned our lives around, if you are reading this and just think WH may be right for you, go get tested. It’s the best thing we ever did. Thank you to Woodland Hall Academy for changing our lives.

Elizabeth P.N., ParentPrivateSchoolReview.com

Woodland Hall Academy is a wonderful school. My children love it and they love learning. Before WHA, school was a challenge. It’s because of the well-trained teachers, a director with many years of experience and a great principal that this school is such a gem!

Anonymous ParentBestPlaces.net

Woodland Hall Academy is a wonderful school. My children love it and they love learning. Before WHA, school was a challenge. It’s because of the well-trained teachers, a director with many years of experience and a great principal that this school is such a gem!

Anonymous ParentGreatSchools.org

I have been attending Woodland Hall for 11 years & it is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Now I’m graduating… with a full scholarship to TCC! If it wasn’t for WHA, then I probably would have dropped out as soon as I could have.

Anonymous StudentGreatSchools.org

Woodland Hall Academy is a great school for children with learning differences. The small class size, structured multi-sensory curriculum, and focus on self-confidence make it a great environment for learning. Our son has attended for four years and it has made all the difference in the world.

Anonymous ParentPrivateSchoolReview.com

It’s a great school that does an amazing job working with dyslexic students.

Anonymous ParentGreatSchools.org

We can’t say enough about what WHA has done for our son.

Anonymous ParentGreatSchools.org

I have a 10 year old son with mild disabilities. Woodland Hall took him in and tested him in a way that no-one else had ever taken into consideration, and two weeks after starting school I could see a remarkable improvement in his school work and he wasn’t complaining about the work that he had to do, wow (like in other schools). This is the best school for my son. Thank you Woodland Hall!

Anonymous ParentGreatSchools.org

There has been such a dramatic change in my grandson who was in public & private schools not designed for the child with dyslexia and ADD. I cannot begin to say how wonderful the school is.

Anonymous GrandparentGreatSchools.org

Woodland Hall Academy is an excellent school for a student with dyslexia. My son was diagnosed in 7th grade. He was flunking in a public middle school after years of great elementary school grades. We were so frustrated that he just couldn’t bring his grades up. He had given up hope and stopped trying. So had his public school teachers, unfortunately. Woodland Hall Academy has not only saved him, it’s saved our relationship with our son. He’s now in 10th grade and planning to attend a four-year university to become a lawyer and then enter politics! What a long way he’s come from public school. Haven’t teachers and administrators who are trained to work with and motivate students with a learning disability is what allows a child to feel successful and proud of the work they do. I highly recommend WHA to any parent.

Anoymous ParentBestPlaces.net

My child has Autism/Aspergers and all I can say is we thank God each day for Woodland Hall Academy!

Anonymous ParentPrivateSchoolReview.com

I can not say enough about how much Woodland Hall Academy has helped my son who has the learning disability dyslexia. By middle school he was failing math and grammar, had no confidence in himself and had simply given up on trying. He began WHA at the beginning of 8th grade and is now in his second year there. Unbelievable! The change is remarkable. What I value most is that he is now proud of the work he does and is excited about college and his future. WHA teaches the child not only to pass the test, but what they need to know in order to learn skills that will help them in their chosen professions. Dyslexic individuals are in every profession and must adapt how they learn to their environment. I know he will be successful in whatever he chooses to do!

Anonymous ParentBestPlaces.net