Are you and your child in Homework Hell?

see As a parent, you’ve done it all.  HOMEWORK TIPS:  Set up a time, pick a place and limit distractions.  Work by your child.  Help your child organize.  Encourage your child.  Nag your child.  Punish your child.  Do it for your child.  And then you send your child to school with all assignments done.  WHEW!

buy viagra online in malaysia Friday, you receive an email from the teacher saying your child has not turned in any homework that week.  ARGGGGHHHHHH!

This is not going to be a blog about Tips for Getting Homework Done.  You’ve already googled all those sites and nothing has worked.  It is time to review the problem and find out why you and your child are in Homework Hell.   Could your child’s issues be due to  ADHD/dyslexia/a  learning disability issue?

Signs that Homework Hell might be caused by these learning differences:  (Remember, all the punishments and organizational tips given to parents have been instituted to no avail.)

  • Even with prompts and the greatest homework notebook you can buy, your child can’t seem to remember to put his homework in his homework folder, which looks like a paper recycling pile.
  • Your child can not judge how much time an exercise will take and so either thinks homework will be overwhelming or waits until the last minute to try to grow tomatoes for the science project in two days.
  • As a parent, you are having to reteach your child every night what they were taught in school because they did not understand it. That helps only a little.
  • Your child’s handwriting is unreadable unless you stand over him. With immense effort and time, he can write legibly.
  • On that theme of handwriting, lining up math problems is something you have nagged about since the first two digit addition problem.
  • Did we talk about time management? You child knows he has baseball practice from 4-6, but doesn’t adjust to do his homework earlier on those days.
  • You sit by your child and see him complete his homework, but if you walk away from him, he stops or doesn’t finish.

Do these still seem like just discipline and “he could do it if he wanted to” issues?

Consider the issues of ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning disabilities:  Difficulty in dealing with time, organizational deficits, sequential memory deficits, retention problems, comprehension deficits, focus and attentional problems.

If homework has been a long standing battle, and you are seeing your bright child struggle in school, then it is time to seek answers.

These issues cannot be identified in a single test.  However, if you are in HOMEWORK HELL with your child, take the survey to see if further testing may be warranted.

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