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Woodland Hall Academy: A Unique Learning Environment

follow site How much effort goes into helping bright kids with dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD) become successful in all areas of their lives? Two administrators, eight teachers, two support staff, parents, and grandparents focus on the needs of 25-30 students each year at Woodland Hall Academy (WHA). This individualized focus changes lives! Before WHA: “We […]

Gardiner Scholarship – Children with Certain Disabilities Have Access to $10,000 Scholarships

Florida students (3 years old through high school graduation or age 22) who have specified disabilities (see below) may receive a scholarship on the average of $10,000 per school year to use towards therapies, curriculum, private school tuition and college pre-paid accounts. The Dyslexia Research Institute is partnering with FSU Center for Autism and Related […]

How does Woodland Hall Academy tame the Homework Monster?

cheap used static caravans for sale in wales Is this what you say about your child? “Johnny goes into his room and finishes his homework by himself before supper.” “I haven’t had to punish Sally for not completing her homework in months.” “I kind of miss doing homework with Boyd.  He is so independent now.” Who are these paragons of virtue?  These are […]

Dyslexics: What We “Hear” May Not Be What You Said

“Ninety year old actress kidnapped by North Korean dictator.” – Say WHAT??? “Santa Claus is thought to be the cause of the explosion.” –  Huh??? “My company is called “Constipated Services”?”  HaHaHa All statements heard, and misunderstood, by  educated dyslexic/ADHD individuals. Individuals with dyslexia have auditory processing issues.  If auditory processing is discussed only in […]

Reports Cards are Out – If You Aren’t Smiling, READ ON

Report cards have been released.  This means our phones at Woodland Hall Academy have been ringing off the hook with parents concerned, worried, frustrated, angry… about  their child’s grades.  Concerned parents call their children’s schools and continue to be frustrated because the answers they are receiving aren’t helping them help their child learn and develop […]

Time To Teach Students with Dyslexia/ADHD

In a Little Bit of This and That about Dyslexia/ADHD, I said I would brag on Woodland Hall Academy from time to time.  Woodland Hall Academy is a nonprofit private school in Tallahassee that has been teaching children with dyslexia/ADHD and related learning differences like Aspergers since 1975.  Truly WHA exemplifies the adage, “If they […]

Defining Dyslexia

I promised a blog of 750 or less words.  Millions of words have been written concerning dyslexia.  But here goes. Learning Disabilities Association of America defines dyslexia as “Dyslexia: A specific learning disability that affects reading and related language-based processing skills. The severity can differ in each individual but can affect reading fluency, decoding, reading […]