A Little of This and That…

I have thought a long time about writing a blog about dyslexia/ADHD and the related learning differences such as Aspergers.  I have a lot to say, I believe, after being an educator for 36 years of children and adults with dyslexia and of being dyslexic myself (and ADHD as my staff would be quick to tell you).

In fact, as my secretary would tell you, I use way too many words most of the time.  So writing a blog may be difficult because you are not going to read more than a minute or two.  How in 500 words or less, maybe I’ll go to 750, will I be able to get across the amazing, challenging, infuriating, puzzling, intriguing, creative aspects of dyslexia/ADHD?

A blog cannot cover the immense complexities of dyslexia, ADHD or related differences like Aspergers. So I decided this blog was not going to try to cover all of these complexities, but give you a little of “This and That” from differing perspectives.

You will hear from “The Dyslexic Diva” who may rant from a personal perspective how dyslexia/ADHD affects her life.

“Parents Speak” will come from parents speaking out.   How has being a parent of a child with dyslexia/ADHD affected their family’s life?  What strengths do they see in their child which comes from their different way of processing the world?  Struggles/triumphs…

“My Life” Or I may track down a former student. ( I hate to admit it.  No, I’m proud to admit that several of my students, who I taught when they were teens, are now in their 50’s.)  Dyslexia/ADHD stays with us all of our lives.  I’m going to ask them to share how their dyslexia/ADHD has hindered and helped  them through the years.

“Understanding dyslexia/ADHD” will be longer articles that discuss different aspects of dyslexia, ADHD and related learning differences.

“Woodland Hall Academy Brags”:  sometimes I’m going to brag on Woodland Hall Academy and how we truly change the way we teach when we find that it is not working for the student.  Our program, our teachers, are dedicated helping our students Learn How to Learn Their Way.

I also hope that readers will join in the discussion and add their experiences with their unique learning differences.

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