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“What did you take away from Woodland Hall Academy?” was a question asked of a visiting student who had attended WHA in the late 90’s. “Woodland Hall taught me to read and it’s made all the difference in my life.” was the answer from the 32 year old.

Having an individualized program, small class sizes, (5:1) and intensive multisensorial instruction is not inexpensive. It costs $22,360 for a student to attend Woodland Hall but NO PARENT PAYS THIS COMPLETE TUITION. In order to close the gap between what the parent pays and the cost of educating a child at Woodland Hall, we rely on gifts from alumni, parents, family and friends. Casino Island Night in February is our major fundraiser.
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WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue to provide the gift of reading and learning to our students. You may donate in a number of ways. Please choose one today. Your donation will have an immediate impact on helping us close the gap between the cost of educating a child and what each parent pays.

Cash gifts may be applied to the Board Scholarship Fund or to designated areas of use. DONATE NOW!

Matching Gifts: You may be able to increase the value of your gift through a matching gift program at your or your spouse’s place of employment. Check with you Human Resource Office to see if your company has a matching program.

Gifts-in-kind: Items may be donated to WHA. Technology equipment (Ipads, computers), athletic equipment, and office supplies are just some items that will enrich our program.

Services-in-kind may also be donated, especially services such as painting, pressure washing, and printing.

In Memory Of…. Memorials may be established in a loved ones name. Contact Robyn Rennick at (850) 893-2216 to establish a memorial fund. Donars may donate on-line to such a fund. You will receive notice of their donation and they will receive a thank-you letter and their donation is tax deductible.

Gifts of Endowment: Give a gift that keeps giving. We have several endowment funds where the annual interest is used for a stated purpose. You may donate to any of the following endowment funds. You may also establish one in your own name or someone else’s name for a $5,000 minimum donation. This fund will continue to give through the years and may be added to at any time by anyone.

The Sally Hammer Computer Lab Fund
Created in the memory of Sally Hammer, one of our student’s mother, this fund allowed WHA to completely re-do the computer lab, developing 9 computer stations. It is the most used room in our building. Donations to this fund are used for supporting the computer lab and for purchasing other technologies for the students.

Charles Rennick Endowment Fund
Created in memory of Charles C. Rennick, beloved father of Robyn Rennick, annual interest in this fund is used towards capital repairs and improvements.

Christy Allen Scholarship Fund
Created in memory of Christina McDowell Allen, a former teacher, annual interest in this fund is used for a partial scholarship each year for a child.

Kirk Bell Cocke Hassell Scholarship Fund
Created in memory of a board member, annual interest in this fund is used for a partial scholarship each year.

Stella Kirven Fund
Created in memory of Stella Kirven, beloved mother of Dr. Patricia K. Hardman, annual interest is used for Board Scholarships.

Your gift to Woodland Hall Academy will be an important part of our success in offering an outstanding program. Please consult with your tax or legal counsel to make sure you choose the best giving vehicle for your individual financial situation.

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Give the gift of
Reading and
Learning to a Child

Robyn A. Rennick
For More Information
On Supporting WHA
(850) 893-2216